Meet the Posse team

Rebekah Campbell

CEO & Founder

Rebekah founded top music management company, Scorpio, in 2002, and developed the careers of 11 of Australia's biggest stars. In 2010, Rebekah switched careers and started Posse. Rebekah is obsessed American politics and if you don’t have three hours to spare, don’t bring up West Wing. Check out Rebekah's blog at

Nicola Wall

Head of Marketing, Operations and Investor Relations

Nicola manages Posse's marketing and investor relations activities, working to expand its global presence and sustain long-term growth in existing markets. Passionate about the retail, food and beverage industries, Nicola's main goal is to connect consumers to these businesses through Posse. Outside of work Nicola loves to travel and speak foreign languages. She is also a keen motor sports fan, and could discuss the Formula One for hours on end.

Margarita Claringbold


Margarita is an enthusiastic CFO, who has worked across a broad range of ASX companies right through to tech start ups. When she has finished counting the beans, you will find her reading Game of Thrones (will she ever learn who Jon Snow's mother is???), online searching for bargains on fabulous boots, or zealously guarding her Nonna’s secret salami recipe….don’t ask, she’ll never tell.

Aaron Tay

Lead Engineer

Aaron enjoys gaming and loves anime along with many other geeky things. He’s also taught robots how to walk and play soccer at UNSW in his previous life. When he’s not in front of a digital screen, you’ll find him making snowmen, snapping and devouring various foods (mainly Sushi), travelling (Japan) or drawing the world around him (in Japanese). Yea…. he likes Japan.

Anna Saguinsin

Lead Digital Designer

Anna gets inspiration from everywhere, materialising them through her notebook and her pixel-dense screen. She loves her Friday nights home reading Murakami or feeding her obsession with 90s movies starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (only wishing they still made movies together). And really, who wouldn't agree that You’ve Got Mail is their finest work?

Cameron Chang

Software Engineer

When not switching places with his twin brother and tricking his friends, Cameron likes to spend his time building snowmen, coding and playing games (like most developers). He can also be found mastering his kung fu skills over the weekend making him an aspiring Neo from the matrix. Blue or red pill he asks his opponents, gazing deep into the shadows of their souls. (Q’.’)-O

Chloe McDougall

Junior Digital Designer

When Chloe’s not designing, she spends her time drawing silly creatures, making AMAZING videos, reimagining everyday objects in paper and training her dog to become a total badass. Also, she disagrees with Anna, Sleepless in Seattle is the superior movie.

Juan González

Growth & Engagement Manager

Juan’s a technology enthusiast, an optimist and an avid conversationalist. He’s online 24/7/365 and is passionate about technology, movies, music, the future and TV. Favourite shows include The Wire, Breaking Bad, Deadwood and everything else (everything). Juan loves spreadsheets and coffee - perhaps a little too much. He’s rarely seen writing about himself in third person. You can find him on Twitter.

Alexander Logan

Community Manager

Alex recently hung up his cricket boots to spend his weekends at the beach and enjoy the best of Australia's Summer festivals. He likes to think he's a health food connoisseur but is often caught red handed stuffing his face with chocolate and ice cream. His claim to fame is meeting Angelina Jolie on a movie set and smoothly asking her about her breakfast preferences.

Adrian Mikko Asis

Software Engineer

Adrian is an avid gamer, audiophile, and a bit of a webgeek. He spends most of his time being indoors to get immersed in multiple virtual worlds or discover the fine details artists have crafted to a song. On rare times he’s out under the sun, he engages in hiking, biking, and running.

Danielle Padilla

Software Engineer

Danielle is into a multitude of activities and interests, ranging from participating at hackathons, to taking photos using instant cameras, to rummaging through paperbacks at thrift bookstores. She loves exploring the outdoors and is into surfing, snorkelling, long walks along nature trails and hiking. She particularly likes running and is obsessed with keeping the top spot in the most distance run leaderboard among her friends.

Carlo Parungao

Posse Researcher

Carlo is a NBA fan,he likes playing basketball.He also like watching movies (LOTR, the Hobbit), anime (Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Naruto), TV series (The Walking Dead). During Weekends he spent his time mostly on playing computer games (League of Legends, NBA2k, DOTA2) or he will just sleep all day. LOL

Glen Honrado


Glen is Manila based designer who has always had a strong passion and flair for digital arts and design. His first love is photography and that's where he developed his skills for digital photo editing. He is also obsessed with tattoos and all music genres - not to mention he is a frustrated singer :)

Candice Tijam

Retail Support - Telemarketing

She's a music junkie who likes to play and learn the ukulele during her free time. She finds happiness in climbing mountains, spontaneous adventures with family and friends and baking apple tarts and cupcakes.

Monica Dawn

Retail Support - Telemarketing

Monica gets excited about anything with the outdoors. She collects fridge magnets from all of her travels and fascinated with BBQ picnics, travelling, arts and crafts, open cinemas, road trips and someone who can tell a good story.

Paul Santos

Software Engineer

I like doing outdoor activities and exploring new things. Interested in different genre of music and loves to shred guitars :D Loves travelling, photography, hiking, skateboarding, longboarding and wakeboarding.

Robinson Clemente

Software Engineer

Likes to watch TV series. Plays basketball, badminton, table tennis and is into running nowadays. Loves live orchestra and broadway musicals. I am also into reading books, self help, business, time management, leadership are some of the topics that I like. I love nature, relaxing in some place where there is a beach or a view of the mountains and some fresh air.

Michael Pantaleon

Software Engineer

I am kel. :P I like to watch and draw Anime, watch TV Series(The Walking dead, Game of Thrones, etc) and plays badminton, PC GAMES, FC Games, PS Games and 3DS Games. XD

Jonnah Lyn Riños

Software Engineer

Jonnah likes to watch movies, animes(Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, and etc...) and play Online Games! I’m particularly obssesed with crime scene investigation series/movies such as CSI, NCIS, Numbers. :P I also love to travel anywhere with friends, sometimes I go hiking and wall climbing with my buddies.

Eraño Payawal

Software Engineer

I love watching movies, TV series(i.e., The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones etc), and anime (i.e., Hunter X Hunter, Naruto Shippuden and One Piece etc). I like extreme sports and also participating with some fun runs like Run for Pasig and Zombie Run. Playing console games, MMORPG, Dota1 and Dota 2. I love cooking and car enthusiast and prostrated car racer (haha lol).

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