Frequently Asked Questions

How did Posse come about?

Posse was originally dreamed up by Rebekah Campbell, a music manager for artists like Evermore, Lisa Mitchell, george, Alex Lloyd, Matt Corby and Amy Meredith. In 2008, Rebekah was promoting a tour for Evermore and tickets to the Perth show had stalled. After spending a small fortune on advertising, Rebekah had a brainwave. What if she offered rewards to fans for helping to promote the tickets to their friends? The idea was a massive success and fans literally saved the show. Rebekah wondered, how else this idea could work. Ta da! The result was Posse.

Posse now

The Posse of today is the result of a crazy idea, a whole lot of dreaming and large amounts of takeaway Chinese. We wondered if the original Posse concept could work in retail. So we went nuts trying to make it work. We decided that no one wanted to sign up to yet another thing, so if we were going to try it, we’d have to make the site so useful and so magical that people would fall in love with it. We spent four months brainstorming ideas for how it could work. We camped in the office, went to the NSW Central Coast, drew lots of words with circles around them but in the end, a plan was hatched. The shareholders thought we were nuts, but they went along with it. And the Posse world you see now is exactly the one we dreamed about.

Who are Posse’s investors?

Posse is funded by more than 50 wonderful private investors from Australia, the US, UK and New Zealand along with EMI Music and Australian Superannuation Fund MLC. Many of our private investors are industry leaders from E-Bay, Twitter via Tweetdeck, Wotif, MTV, Sony Music and a few well-known musicians too. Posse has also received an Early Stage Commercialisation grant from Commercialisation Australia. So thanks everyone!

What do you guys think of moths?

Mixed. 40% react with a swat/fear. This is also known as Mottephobia. 20% are ambivalent. 40% are pro moth.

How do stores get involved in Posse?

There is no way to advertise on Posse but if you’re a real world business, of any type, and you’ve got fans who’ll list you as one of their favorite places, then you can be on Posse! Contact Jen our wonderful business development manager to find out more info. Once your store is listed on a customer’s street, all their friends will see your store in their towns. If one fan adds you, then you could be in over a thousand towns (depending how popular your customer is).

If you send us your logo and a photo of your window, we’ll create a beautiful hand-drawn depiction of your store for Posse. We’ll email you regular activity reports showing which customers have added you to their streets and what great things they’re saying about your business to friends. You’ll be able to thank them by sending virtual Posse cards and real world gifts.

Does it cost anything to use Posse?

Posse is, and always will be, free for both customers and retailers. Soon, stores will be able to upgrade the look of their stores and access more detailed reports by paying a small monthly subscription fee.

How can I work with you guys?

While we’re not looking for anyone at the moment, we’re always on the hunt for exceptionally talented and ambitious software engineers to join our Sydney based team. If you think you’ve got what it takes to learn and build a world class service / want to take over the world / like swords, email

How about internships?

We often take talented interns who are keen to work hard and help out around the office. Internships at Posse are unpaid and at the moment, we’re only recruiting interns in Sydney. However, we’ll be looking for interns in New York later in the year, so stay tuned. If you like what we do, email

Have you ever made a turducken?

No, but we have big dreams of making this happen one day. Only happy times can come from a meal of turkey, chicken and duck rolled into one.

How can I be a Posse ambassador?

Since we’re a start-up, we’re on the lookout for awesome ambassadors from every city around the globe. We’re after people who are not only interested in startups, but who are also passionate about fashion, restaurants and discovering great places. As an official Posse ambassador, we’ll send you a special pack of Posse goodies including a T-shirt and business cards with your street printed on them to share with everyone you meet. We’ll also give you access to new features on the site before anyone else and we want to hear your feedback and ideas for how we can improve the site. You’ll be an ambassador for 3 months and at the end, we’ll send you a reference letter you can show your university course or potential employer that you advised and help launch a social media platform. To find out more email and Clarissa will be in touch.

Can I add places that are in a different country?

Yes, definitely! Posse is a global platform. It makes no difference where you are in the world, you can add your favorite stores and we’ll create a special hand drawn shop front for them. You can put your favourite cafe in Paris, next to your gym in San Francisco and the hotel you stay at in Auckland. Or, you can show off your local hairdresser, butcher, wine bar and yoga studio. Fill your street with your absolute favorite places and the places you would love your friends to try.

Can I add a place that’s not a store like a park or a museum or a beach?

At the moment, you can only add stores that can be drawn on your street. Soon, you’ll be able to add some public amenities like museums, art galleries, libraries and parks. We have some amazing ideas for other things you’ll be able to add to your street in the future, so stay tuned!

Can I add an online store?

The short answer is no. Posse is all about supporting the best real world locations. The online revolution has left these guys behind and we wanted to create a platform that helps them. We all know how much we love our local hairdresser or the quirky vintage shop in Paris you discovered on your recent trip. So let’s celebrate how much we love these real world places and help them thrive by sharing them with our friends on Posse.

Where do you guys stand on zombie attacks?

It won’t hurt to be prepared. Make sure you stock up on some armour, weapons and supplies. Oh and in case of attack, don’t lock yourself in your house. That never works.

How can I make my town bigger?

Your town grows when there are more streets in it, so the more friends you have from Facebook on Posse, the bigger your town will be. This way, you’ll be able to discover more awesome places and your town will totally thrive and you’ll get more fun things like an airport, lake, fairground - you might even get a canal!

Tell me about Elvis

Elvis is our dog around town. He likes sleeping on the left side of the bed, cake and dub step. He’d love to be your Posse pal, so get your people to speak to his people on Facebook and you guys can totally be besties.