• Earlist - 15th June 2013
    “Big cities overwhelm. Too many places; restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, etc. What do you do when you wanna go out and you’re not exactly sure about the place?” Continue reading
  • Word of Mouth Marketing Association - 3rd May 2013
    “It’s happened to everyone. You hear of a great place when you’re out with your friends but when you try to remember the place, nothing comes to mind. Here’s where Posse comes into play.” Continue reading
  • Fast Company - 12th April 2013
    “Women, she argues, are most interested in social recommendations--and they’re finding popular Foursquare places have the best turf wars, not the best businesses. Posse, which asks users to create lists of their favorite places, uses a different kind of game to built its database: status.” Continue reading
  • Salad Social - 11th April 2013
    “We’ve been assigned “global” from the get-go – anyone from anywhere in the world can join the site, which is awesome – but our main focus is Sydney, where we’ve got a really good community seed: there are over 17,000 shops in our system, and many of them are from Sydney.” Continue reading
  • LBMA - 18th March 2013
    “You can put your location in, reach out and communicate with your customers that like that location.” Continue reading
  • - 17th March 2013
    “When you want to try out something new such as a new restaurant, book store, or movie place, you mostly ask your friends to recommend something. Rather than texting them all or calling them, a simpler solution lies in using an app called Posse.” Continue reading
  • Ad Age - 15th March 2013
    “Posse solicits its users to recommend various venues – from shops and restaurants to service businesses – but instead endorsing as you go, Posse users build 'playlists' of their favorite spots” Continue reading
  • Social Media Knowledge - 14th March 2013
    “Women are overwhelmingly using Posse, some 78 per cent at last count. And they're a very engaged community.” Continue reading
  • Australian Businesswomen's Network - 13th March 2013
    “Posse let's you build your own precinct of great merchants around a street that you name and populate and then share with friends.” Continue reading
  • Women's Agenda - 13th March 2013
    “"Most tech companies are founded by engineers and there's hardly any female engineers," says Campbell.” Continue reading
  • Mashable - 12th March 2013
    “Perhaps the best example of how effective postering can be is from Australia's Posse, a self-described "broke startup" that lets you map out your favorite places in various cities.” Continue reading
  • 1000 Heads - 10th March 2013
    “Posse started life in Oz with a focus on concert ticket sales but refocused on non-ticketed venues like nightclubs, bars and shops. The current look and feel was specifically designed to appeal to a female audience with users building out virtual streets with shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and any other business they want to recommend.” Continue reading
  • NBC News - 8th March 2013
    “It's not only the big talk in Austin -- but around the world. South by Southwest got its massive gears greased and going on Friday.” Continue reading
  • Tech Crunch - 8th March 2013
    “Posse, a local discovery platform for web and mobile, is today arriving in the U.S. and making its iPhone app debut. The company has also just raised another $500,000 in additional funding from existing investors including Lars Rasmussen, Google Maps creator and currently Facebook’s Director of Engineering, as well as Silicon Valley angel investor Bill Tai.” Continue reading
  • startupsmart - 7th March 2013
    “While research shows Australian women are among the most entrepreneurial in the world, they continue to be underrepresented in major sectors such as finance and information technology.” Continue reading
  • Sydney Morning Herald - 6th March 2013
    “Hard-wired self-starter Rebekah Campbell is already a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded the music management company Scorpio in 2002. Now she's turning her three-year-old site Posse into a social media engine to allow people to find the perfect coffee shop or yoga class anywhere in the world, as recommended by their Facebook friends network.” Continue reading
  • Smart Company - 6th March 2013
    “Campbell had already demonstrated her capacity to execute on her vision, and she used metrics to explain why this was the best business opportunity. Moreover, she was convinced this was the future.” Continue reading
  • Business Review Weekly - 6th March 2013
    “This year an Australian social media platform that is changing the way people search for, and interact with, real-world stores, cafes and bars is going to SxSW to launch its latest offering for iPhone users.” Continue reading
  • Wentworth Courier - 6th March 2013
    “"The audience is very urban, who like to go out a lot. They’re interested in new places and interested in learning where their friends go." Ms Campbell said upmarket icecreamery Messina Gelato appeared on more than 1000 streets, making it the site’s most popular venue.” Continue reading
  • ZDnet - 29th November 2012
    “News that women are being outnumbered by 95 percent would be a huge cause for alarm in most parts of our society, but for the Australian startup industry, this is just business as usual.” Continue reading
  • Australian Women Online - 18th November 2012
    “Australian entrepreneur Rebekah Campbell has received $1.2 million in funding for her latest project – a lifestyle, fashion and culture social media platform called ‘Posse’ – from some of the world’s top start-up investors, including Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Tai.” Continue reading
  • Business Review Weekly - 15th November 2012
    “I came up with the idea for Posse in 2009. I put in about $100,000 of savings and two friends invested $50,000 each. We paid a developer to build a website prototype.” Continue reading
  • Australian Financial Review - 24th October 2012
    “IT is not the only sector where female employees are a little thin on the ground, but with the digital economy now worth $100 billion in Australia, you would expect women to make up more than 19.7 per cent of employees.” Continue reading
  • Domain Sherpa - 17th September 2012
    “When pursuing an unproven business idea, most people would be more likely to hand register a $9 domain name around which to build a business, rather than spend their savings for a down payment on a home. But Rebekah Campbell, who was called “the woman who bought a domain name instead of a house” by The Sydney Morning Herald, is not most people.” Continue reading
  • The Age - 16th September 2012
    “Success has never been more scrutinised since YouTube and the iPhone put it within easy reach of seemingly anyone who can upload a comic pratfall or dream up a killer app. The successful band manager turned tech entrepreneur Rebekah Campbell analysed hit songs for qualities that might be useful for creating hit web start-ups.” Continue reading
  • - 13th September 2012
    “For the last couple of weeks, new startup Posse has been admitting a limited number of individuals into it’s “gates” every day. The company founded by Rebekah Campbell made a major pivot recently and closed another 1.2 million dollar funding round from a group of US and Australian based investors.” Continue reading
  • - 12th September 2012
    “Darling Harbour was buzzing yesterday with over 1000 startups, would be entrepreneurs, social change agents and investors yesterday for the 2012 Sydstart event – Australia’s largest professional Startup Expo and Conference.” Continue reading
  • Valerie Khoo - 10th September 2012
    “An entrepreneur’s work is never done. This is especially true when you first launch your business and you are the chief cook and bottle washer, and pretty much everything else in between.” Continue reading
  • Marketing Mag - 5th September 2012
    “Australian start up Posse – a social search network for real world places – has taken aim at Google’s social search shortcomings and plans to upstage Yelp and Foursquare as a source of recommendations for restaurants, bars and shops.” Continue reading
  • The Australian - 4th September 2012
    “POSSE.COM, a powerful new community website backed by local and Silicon Valley heavy hitters, is gearing up for a US launch with ambitious plans to reach 10 million active users and a million retailers in two years.” Continue reading
  • Onya Magazine - 28th August 2012
    “Posse is an online place where users can build their own ultimate street filled with their favourite stores from anywhere in the world. They then combine their street with the streets of their friends to build an awesome town filled with peer generated recommendations.” Continue reading
  • Anthill Online - 22nd August 2012
    “This week marks two years since I dissolved my successful band management company to focus full-time on my startup. I’d just completed my first large fundraising round where 21 individuals had written me personal cheques to invest in the business.” Continue reading
  • Sydney Morning Herald - 2nd August 2012
    “When Rebekah Campbell first thought of the idea for her start-up, she was saving up a deposit for a house. She was so convinced about her new idea that she sunk her $28,000 deposit into buying the domain name.” Continue reading
  • Business Review Weekly - 24th July 2012
    “With her 12,000 word manifesto, Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, published in The Atlantic magazine, Anne-Marie Slaughter obviously struck a chord. But in the seemingly endless commentary in response to the article, the focus has been on the career women employed in corporations and government.” Continue reading
  • mUmbrella - 10th July 2012
    “The start up was formerly a music event ticketing peer-to-peer site, but closed down and relaunched after deciding that the core idea was not scalable in the Australian market.” Continue reading
  • Better Communication Results - 5th July 2012
    “There’s a new social network in town and it’s rustling up some interest in interesting places. aims to tap into the power of personal networks to help bricks and mortar businesses become more successful.” Continue reading
  • Killer Start Ups - 26th June 2012
    “While exploring coral along the Great Barrier Reef, Rebekah Campbell escaped a posse of sharks and simultaneously came up with the idea for her startup… OK, that’s not true. And sharks don’t travel in posses. No, when severe drought caused crocodiles to surround her home looking for food, she used social media to summon a posse of friends to rescue… OK, that’s not true either, but the real story of Posse is pretty incredible, too.” Continue reading
  • Start Up Smart - 26th June 2012
    “Today, I'm writing from my tiny hotel room in downtown Palo Alto. We launched Posse two weeks ago and I can report that the time since then has been tough. Everything about starting this company has been hard: raising the first lot of money, hiring then un-hiring multiple people (lawyer, accountant, directors, staff, several technology partners), building the music product only to discover annoying barriers to scale, launching retail to discover customers didn't want to use it, running out of money, raising money again.” Continue reading
  • Precinct News - 25th June 2012
    “A woman standing on the stage in a stylised 1950s bathing suit and cap told the audience about the joys of water ballet. A radio announcer and self-confessed maths geek tried to convince the crowd that prime numbers are sexy. The creator of a garage sale trail in Bondi talked about how the idea has exploded across Australia.” Continue reading
  • Business Review Weekly - 22nd June 2012
    “Rebekah Campbell is feeling equally excited and exhausted by the mid-June launch date of her website, Posse. It’s third time lucky for the start-up. “It feels different to the other product launches,” she says with a smile but with her head resting on her hand. “We’ve learnt so much every time.”” Continue reading