How Posse works

We’re sure glad you asked! Posse helps you find all the best places in the world according to people whose tastes you can trust – your friends. So the next time you’re in a new city or are even just hanging out in your own neighborhood, you’ll know exactly where to go for the best of everything.

  • Your streets

    To start with, you get two Posse streets that you can choose a theme for. It can be anything, your favorite bars in New York, hotels you’ve always wanted to try or even wedding suppliers. Cool huh?

  • Getting your explore on

    Your main Posse page is filled with the very awesome streets of your friends, their friends and some local experts Posse has found especially for you. Click on the buildings to look inside, find out more info and leave comments.

  • Feel the love

    We let businesses know when you’ve added them to your Posse. They’re always super happy to know you’re supporting them and sometimes they might send a message or even a gift to say thanks! Look out for emails from Elvis because he could be saying you have a lil’ something coming your way.

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