12 JAN, 2015
You’d be barking mad not to check it out

Tanya Stevanovic, owner and buyer of Newtown’s high-end fashion Boutique Pretty Dog

Catching up with Tanya Stevanovic, owner and buyer of Newtown’s high-end fashion boutique Pretty Dog, is a charming experience in its own right. Just wait till you see the clothes…

Tanya is the ultimate purveyor of style and taste. With twenty-four years of retail fashion experience, it has always been her passion. Pretty Dog is a haunt for the style savvy seeking independent Australian and international designer wares.

Pretty Dog hosts an eclectic mix of exquisite clothes and accessories. Tanya handpicks everything in store and chooses unique collections from labels such as Kate Walker and Tales of the Fallen, House of Holland and Romance Was Born

A peak inside The Pretty Dog Boutique

When it comes to finding designer collections she has her pick, often being contacted by up to thirty designers in the one day. A businesswoman with a hectic schedule, she still manages to squeeze in a few fashion essentials, namely being world-class fashion festivals that include this year’s Australian, New Zealand and New York fashion weeks.  Tanya’s favourite show you may wonder? “Romance was Born, They put on the most amazing shows,” is her fairly prompt response.

Pretty Dog’s vast collection of Prints from designers such as Romance was Born and Karen Walker.

Browsing the racks of Pretty Dog, it’s worth asking how she stops herself from taking all the clothes home and adding it to her own wardrobe. But the cat, nay the dog, is out of the bag – her reply to our questioning, ”I order one of everything for myself”. So there you have it – you can have your own cake and eat it too.

For those who approach fashion as a foreigner, Tanya and the Pretty Dog team will be happy to deck you out during an intimate private styling session. Free of charge to her VIP clientele, if you want the top-notch treatment, all it takes is a friendly attitude. For Tanya, her VIPs are just customers that have built a close relationship with her and the staff.

Danica styled by Pretty Dog in Romance Was Born blouse and Lover pants.

If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience and a friendly chat with a girl who’s in-the-know when it comes to fashion, we truly recommend you detour off Newtown’s busier King Street thoroughfare and pop into Pretty Dog… You’ll be barking mad not to check it out.

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