14 NOV, 2014
Copo load of this joint

House smoked trout baked eggs with creme fraiche, herbs and toast

House smoked trout baked eggs with creme fraîche, herbs and toast. Image by Eileen Kha

We have finally tracked down a Sydney brunch spot worth taking your mother-in-law to. A round of applause to Copo Cafe & Diner in Drummoyne. Words by Ryan Auberson-Walsh

Of all the suburban establishments operating almost completely round the clock, so very few have such a variety and quality of delectables as Copo.

Hidden one street back from the traffic nightmare that is Victoria Road in Drummoyne, this Portuguese-influenced restaurant/cafe/diner/bar is an all round delight for any foodie to either add or tick off their bucket list.

Brushed up against a free council parking lot, it appears to be your everyday man cafe – with all the bells and whistles that suit just about every cafe goer. Free wi-fi, high chairs for the tots and an abundance of car spots at the front door provide ease for any who might be travelling from afar – and we assure you, it’s worth the trip.

But this two-storey venue shouldn’t be just a dine and dash – if you’re rocking up on a day with ample sunshine and are in need of reducing your winter tan, stay a while and take full advantage of the comfortable upstairs terrace. It’s one of the best spots away from the cement eyesore of Victoria Road which cuts through the heart of the suburb. Order a Campos coffee either hot or cold and follow it up with a creamy caramel thick shake – because yum.

If you’re sticking away from the dairy, then any one of their fresh juices or frappes will hit the spot as you flip through one of the largest menus you’ll ever set your hungry stomach in front of. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner (each menu is as impressive as the last), you’ll be sure to find something out-of-this-world delicious.

Best tip from us? At 11.30am, anything you order can be accompanied with an ice cold cerveja or vinho. So choose wisely, because despite popular belief (aka the insistence of your Corona-loving best friend), not everything on the menu should be gobbled up with a beer in your free hand.

Our favourites on the giant (we’re not kidding here, it’s huge) menu include the house smoked trout – seen above – that is the perfect proportion of crispy skin fish and tasty gooey eggs for breakfast, and the poached chicken salad with pickled zucchini flower for lunch. And for the mightiest of meals that is dinner? Lamb backstrap – That’s something we could happily eat at least seven times a week. Because meat.


Check out some of their other delicious offerings below.

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