21 JUL, 2014

tabaimo art exhibition at MCA


Japanese visual artist, Tabaimo, exposes the dark truth lurking beneath daily existence in contemporary Japanese society through MEKURUMEKU. Debuting her most significant solo show to date at the MCA, MEKURUEMEKU provides us with a glimpse of the isolation, contagion, uncertainty, anxiety and confinement that acts as a blanket of smog suffocating Japanese society today.

As a visual artist, Tabaimo sets out to portray the notion of conditioned obliviousness which is so blatant amongst Japanese people in MEKURUMEKU. The MEKURUMEKU name given to this collection derives from two different concepts; ‘Mekurumeku’, a word that depicts a sense of uncertainty, or perhaps a physical sense of awe and ‘Mekuru-Mekuru’ which imagines layers being peeled back over and over to reveal new information or universal truths.

MEKURUMEKU consists of six multi-screen video works; “Japanese Commuter Train (2001),” the circular projection “Haunted House (2003),” the single screen “dolefullhouse (2007),” the tunnel-like installation “BLOW (2009),” as well as two new works commissioned for the MCA entitled “TOZEN” and “mekuru meku ru.”

 Japanese Commuter Train (2001)

Japanese Commuter Train (2001)

 Haunted House (2003)

 Dolefullhouse (2007)

BLOW (2009)


Mekuru meku ru

 Mekuru meku ru

Tabaimo’s exhibit is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay, debuting on July 3rd and lasts until the 7th of September, and admissions are free. So go check out this beautiful exhibit and let us know what you think.


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Monika Lee



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