18 JUL, 2014
Throwback to 80s Aerobic Workouts at Retrosweat

retrosweat2   Shimmy into that American Apparel leotard, crank up that Michael Jackson cassette tape and pull up your brightly colored leg warmers.  Forget calming and stretching yoga and break out a sexy sweat at Retrosweat’s 80s themed weekly freestyle aerobics classes at the Redfern PCYC.   Retrosweat is equal parts intense calorie burning workout, dance party and 80s style contest, so wear your best lycra and get ready to achieve that hot body worthy of those crop tops.

Retrosweat’s founder Shannon Dooley knows that working out deserves to be something fun.  When Olivia Newton John sang, “Let’s Get Physical”, she had more in mind than boring push up reps, endless treadmill runs and weightlifting. Bring on the moves inspired by our favorite fitness (albeit cringe-worthy) 80s aerobics classes on VHS.  For some reason, squatting, lunging and stretching instantly become exciting once its set to the always changing soundtrack of 80s icons from the likes of the Police, Prince and Madonna.  

Classes are for anyone, regardless of being born in the eighties and for all fitness levels.  Just don’t be afraid to flaunt that high cut leotard and take a class that will make you laugh.  Be warned this is one workout where you will be judged on your outfit!  Every class, a prize is awarded to the best dressed, so stock up on your vintage 80s workout gear and dare to pile on the eye makeup – even if you’ll just sweat it all off. Move over Jane Fonda and become your own aerobics legend at Retrosweat.

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