10 JUL, 2014
No Lights, No Lycra

You know how the old saying goes – “Dance like nobody is watching”.  Well No Lights, No Lycra gives you the opportunity to do just that; bringing together the best parts about going out with your friends on a Friday night and exercise, in a totally technique and teacher-free dance class. 

No Lights, No Lycra is a dancing in the dark (or dimly-lit) experience that is all about getting up and dancing any way you please.  Founded in Melbourne, the NLNL dance community has made its way to Sydney, offering a non-judgmental and totally inclusive place to get your groove on. Founded by Alice Glenn and Beidi Barrett in 2009, there aren’t really any rules, just a list of “no’s”: no lycra, no teacher, no steps to learn and no technique.

Whether you want to shake out the week’s stress and frustrations or just have a want to dance it out for an hour or two, No Lights, No Lycra is a place for people to dance freely in a friendly, substance-free atmosphere were the lights are dimmed and the music is loud. For all of you who ever felt embarrassed to bust out your moves in the club or try that jazz class because you “don’t know how to dance”, NLNL is here to tell you, yes you do.  No matter your fitness level, age, gender, or background, No Lights, No Lycra promises to be an inclusive event that lets you get rid of any inhibitions and  just dance.  The best part, it’s exercise without actually realising your working out.

No Lights, No Lycra has become popular all over the world, with classes held weekly here in Sydney at Main Hall Newtown. Don’t worry about booking a space, all you need to bring is yourself in some comfy clothes and shoes to move in and a water bottle.  Each session at NLNL is unique because you set your own pace and your own rhythm.  Dance as hard as you want, your inner rebel can truly be released here.  Just come in and let go.



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Taylor 'Ty' 'Terrell' Dinsdale



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