About us

In a new city and have no idea where has the best coffee? Or you could be closer to home, looking for a new bar or hairdresser. When we’re stuck for ideas, we usually ask our friends, right? Well, imagine if you could ask everyone, all at the same time. Posse lets you do exactly that, ask your entire social network for recommendations on anything, anywhere in the world.

To find out more checkout: 'What is Posse?'.

Are you a retailer?

We’ll show you which of your customers are recommending you to their friends and what they’re saying. You can even say thanks by sending them gifts and messages through your dashboard.

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Meet our team

  • Rebekah Campbell, CEO

    Rebekah founded top music management company, Scorpio, in 2002, and developed the careers of 11 of Australia's biggest stars. In 2010, Rebekah switched careers and started Posse. Rebekah is obsessed with American politics and if you don’t have three hours to spare, don’t bring up West Wing.
    Check out Rebekah's blog at www.rebekahcampbell.com

  • Hamish Barney, VP of Engineering

    Hamish is quite possibly the finest swordsman ever to be employed by Posse. What, you want more?
    OK, I see you want more. He also worked at Atlassian, with JIRA and then infrastructure for in-browser testing. He still has bad flashbacks to the latter. Before that he led a team of Java developers creating intelligent telephone switching infrastructure at European Computer Telecoms, a start-up in Munich.

  • Glen Kelley, Software Engineer

    Glen likes figuring out how things work, then making them work better. If you’re lucky, you might see him dragon boat racing around Sydney. If you're unlucky, you might see him try to dance or sing.

  • Aaron Tay, Software Engineer

    Not many people can say they’ve taught robots to walk and play soccer for them at UNSW. In fact, if you know anyone who has, maybe they can be friends with Aaron. But only if they also maintain an unhealthy obsession with StarCraft, Japanese food, pop-culture and karaoke. Otherwise, it’s not going to work.

  • Nik Youdale, Software Engineer

    Nik likes telling computers to do useful things. Sometimes he yells at them but mostly, he controls his computer with mind power and his ninja like hands. There are three other things to know about Nik, he learns Mandarin, likes skiing and photography. Now you know everything about Nik.

  • Michael Hills, Software Engineer

    Mike loves karaoke, sangria and chocolate, in no particular order, but particularly karaoke.

  • Alex North, Infrastructure Mercenary

    Alex’s previous gig was as a tech lead at Google, re-envisioning group collaboration on Google Wave. He climbs rocks and sings in a choir. Not at the same time, but he could if he wanted to, he’s that kind of guy.

  • Jennifer Lyne, Business Development Manager

    Jen has always worked with two things she likes most – music and shops. Sometimes she changes the order of it to be shops and music but it depends what day of the week it is. She also loves swimming in the sea, yoga and meditation – those ones are all in order.

  • Clarissa Farrell, Marketing & Community Manager

    When Clarissa isn't being sucked into the social media bubble she loves to travel around the globe, shop, bake and meet inspiring people. She has a flair for design and loves to laugh (assuming it's not at her own expense, HA, does that count?).

  • Nathan Cooper, Graphic Designer

    After Nathan's previous life working at Habbo, he's now obsessed with all things visual at Posse. A pixel pusher by day, wannabe indie game designer by night, Nathan unfortunately does not change into a costume for this.

  • James Gulliver Hancock, Illustrator

    James is obsessed with drawing. His drawings have taken him around the world for all sorts of exciting projects. Now for Posse he gets to reinvent the whole world again while organ music and evil laughing plays on loop in the background.
    For more of James’s art check out www.jamesgulliverhancock.com

  • Vanessa Morrish, Writer

    Currently drunk on power, Vanessa is contemplating what to share with the world. A former child violin prodigy, profitable worm farmer or current Gruyère specialist, no one will ever know.

  • Elvis

    An explorer, adventurer, some might even say trailblazer, Elvis is the dog around town in the world of Posse. Sure he gets wheezy on high pollen days and gets gassy after cake but he sure is handsome.

  • Del Kelly, Accounts

    With a past life a Sales Co-ordinator in Real Estate, Del made the jump to Posse's one way train to stardom! Err, Del, do you have a ticket?

  • Richard Baker, Advisor

    When not sketching out Posse web pages, Richard likes to kiteboard, snowkite and invest in start up companies. Was anyone else hoping for a third kite based activity?

  • Lars Rasmussen, Director

    Lars is Director of Engineering at Facebook. In early 2003 Lars co-founded a mapping related start up which was acquired by Google in October 2004 and became Google Maps. Lars has probably the world's least developed sense of direction.

  • Bill Tai, Director

    Legendary venture capitalist and sponsored athlete, Bill has backed 19 companies who've IPO'd. Recent investments include Twitter (via Tweetdeck), Tango, Scribd, Soundtracking and Posse. When not working with start-ups, you will find Bill on the water - he is a USA Team Rider for Cabrinha Kiteboarding. It seems kiteboarding and Mandarin are the tickets into Posse.

  • Jeremy Colless, Chairman

    Jeremy is managing partner at Artesian Capital Management, founder of Sydney Angels sidecar fund and keen supporter of early stage ventures and entrepreneurs. Jeremy doesn’t kiteboard or learn Mandarin but clearly did ok without the two.